The special stages for the 2018 Transandes Enduro have been finalized. Here’s what’s in store for you…

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for! We will have nine impressive time-trial special stages on offer in the heart of the Patagonian forest in Huilo Huilo.

We have been working in the Huilo Huilo Reserve for weeks, going over every last meter of the existing trails and opening various new sections. We have also been working with heavy machinery, shovels, pickaxes and carpenters to create the ultimate bike park. The first three lines of the bike park are ready, and we will be using them for the Transandes Enduro. Lastly, we have found the best combination of liaison and special stages to ensure that you enjoy the 2018 Transandes Enduro to the fullest!

It will all begin on Friday, January 12 with the first liaison stage. Here is a description of each special and liaison stage so you know what we are talking about!


Liaison Stage – Teleférico 1: Get in the gondola, get off the gondola.

  1. Special Stage – El Puma:5 kilometers, 300 meters of negative elevation. This stage is fast, technical and tricky. Located in a thousand-year-old forest, this breathtaking trail turns into an old forest road that becomes a ramp with jumps, berms and short pedaling sections.

Liaison Stage – El Corto: This stage is a mere 300 meters long.

  1. Special Stage – El Guanaco:1 kilometers, 220 meters of negative elevation. This stage is entirely trail through a native forest with leafy soil. Entirely tabletop jumps, berms, and super short pedaling stretches that end in Whistler-style treed sections.

Liaison Stage – El Largo: Over 6 kilometers, this stage climbs 440 meters. It will be a reminder that this is the Transandes ENDURO!

  1. Special Stage – Torre 5: 9 kilometers, 390 meters of negative elevation. This stage has treed sections through native forest with leafy soil. It includes jumps, berms, and a short but steep climb that will have you feeling that lactic acid burn!
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