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The campsite, the Transandes Enduro meeting place

The race campsite is the center of operations at the Transandes Enduro, where you can take advantage of all our services and spend time with the other riders. You will spend five or six hours each day completing the three special stages and liaisons, but what happens the rest of the time? Quite simply, [...]

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Huilo Huilo Reserve, the 2018 Transandes Enduro Emplacement

The Transandes Enduro takes place in a unique region, an unparalleled scenery with the best conditions for this kind of competition, the Huilo Huilo Reserve. Transandes Enduro takes place in the south-central part of Chile, a country located in southern part of South America, more precisely on the Andean part of Los Rios regions, the [...]

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Excellent food at the Transandes Enduro

The Transandes Challenge is known for its incredible meals, and it is also in the Transandes Enduro. Providing meals to 350 riders who burn thousands of calories per day is no mean feat, especially given that the organization strives to provide not only generous portions but also the highest quality and variety at each meal. [...]

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Chaleco López is coming to the Transandes Enduro!

We have some great news! Francisco “Chaleco” López, the incredible cross-country rally driver, will be a participant of honor at the 2017 Transandes Enduro.   Few people can honestly say that they have claimed multiple Latin American motocross and supercross titles, won 10 stages and made the podium twice at the Dakar Rally, and taken [...]

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Feed zones

No matter which registration pack you choose, each stage will have two feed zones where you can recharge. The Transandes is known for the quality and variety of its food, which is reflected in each stage’s feed zones. Right when your legs are starting to feel like jelly and jelly just makes you think “Food!!!”, [...]

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Other activities in the Huilo Huilo Reserve

While you’re here for the Transandes Enduro, take the opportunity to enjoy the many activities and attractions in the Huilo Huilo Reserve Huilo Huilo knows there’s more to life than cycling. They have a wide range of activities and places to visit to complement your Transandes Enduro, experience. Here are a few of our favorites, [...]

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The Valdivian Forest

The Transandes Challenge takes place in the evergreen forest ecoregion called the Valdivian forest. The Valdivian forest is an ecoregion in southern Chile and parts of Argentina. Nearly half of the species there are endemic, and its dense forests and majestic trees will surprise you. Among the most prominent types is the alerce, one of [...]

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