Use our Check List to not forget anything before coming to the 2018 Transandes Enduro

So you do not left anything at home, check our checklist to sort and pack everything you need for the 2018 Transandes Enduro. The helmet, the bike, clothes, spare parts, cell phone charger, toothbrush, everything you have to carry to compete and to be in the Transandes Challenge camp. Check point by point our [...]

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The special stages for the 2018 Transandes Enduro have been finalized. Here’s what’s in store for you… It’s what you’ve all been waiting for! We will have nine impressive time-trial special stages on offer in the heart of the Patagonian forest in Huilo Huilo. We have been working in the Huilo Huilo Reserve for [...]

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The Huilo Huilo Reserve is launching a bike park alongside the Transandes Enduro!

Taking advantage of the spectacular conditions in Huilo Huilo, and thanks to a partnership with the Transandes Enduro, Huilo Huilo will be opening the first phase of the Huilo Huilo Bike Park this summer. The Transandes Enduro and Huilo Huilo are already working on the bike park project, which will be in its trial [...]

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The Huilo Huilo Reserve is the ideal setting for the Transandes Enduro!

The Transandes Enduro will take place in a unique, magical and profoundly natural setting surrounded by volcanoes, mountains, rivers, lakes and ancient forests. Here, you’ll find the best grip in Chile!   The second annual Transandes Enduro will take place from January 12 to 14, 2018, in the Huilo Huilo Reserve. In [...]

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The competition

Even if you are just going to the Transandes Enduro to have a good time and don’t have specific results in mind that you are hoping to achieve, sooner or later, your competitive side will inevitably come out. The Transandes Enduro is a sporting event where you can spend time with friends, participate in the [...]

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The campsite, the Transandes Enduro meeting place

The race campsite is the center of operations at the Transandes Enduro, where you can take advantage of all our services and spend time with the other riders. You will spend five or six hours each day completing the three special stages and liaisons, but what happens the rest of the time? Quite simply, [...]

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