Excellent food at the Transandes Enduro

Excellent food at the Transandes Enduro

The Transandes Challenge is known for its incredible meals, and it is also in the Transandes Enduro.

Providing meals to 350 riders who burn thousands of calories per day is no mean feat, especially given that the organization strives to provide not only generous portions but also the highest quality and variety at each meal.

Consisting of a chef and specialized staff, the Transandes Enduro catering team follows strict health protocols and works tirelessly to provide three meals a day with top-notch services and the highest quality standards.

For breakfast, enjoy coffee, tea, or juice and help yourself to fruit, cereal, yogurt, pastries, bread, nutritious sandwiches and a lot more…

When you reach the finish line, the lunch tables will await you in the dining tent, laden with pasta, meat, chicken, rice, potatoes, salads, and a wide variety of other dishes including several delicious, traditional foods… All of it accompanied by a good wine, a refreshing beer, drinks, juice or water for the healthiest.

Dinner will follow the same format but will be accompanied by a slideshow of photos and videos of the latest stage. Sit back, enjoy the meal in good company, and feel right at home.

Our catering service has always been a cornerstone of the Transandes Challenge, and it is at the Transandes Enduro Full Package as well.

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