The competition

The competition

Even if you are just going to the Transandes Enduro to have a good time and don’t have specific results in mind that you are hoping to achieve, sooner or later, your competitive side will inevitably come out.

The Transandes Enduro is a sporting event where you can spend time with friends, participate in the sport you love, admire spectacular scenery and enjoy the very best services. But first and foremost, the Transandes Enduro is a competition — and at a competition, you compete!

We will obviously have some pros, who will shatter records and vie for the top spots in the general standings. However, most competitors are just people who are passionate about enduro and are looking to spend three incredible days enjoying every one of the special stages. Yet, at the end of each day, all of them can be found at the Wailing Wall, where we post the cumulative and special stage times.

It’s here at the Wailing Wall that competition starts brewing. You will notice just how many seconds you are behind the person ahead of you, and how much of a lead you have over those behind you. Since the race is three days long, you will have many special stages to achieve your goal or recover from any weaker performances.

During each special stage, you will find yourself pushing your limits and taking risks to get faster. After all, the Transandes Enduro is a competition, so you’ve got to compete!

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