Environmental awareness at the Transandes Enduro

Environmental awareness at the Transandes Enduro

We all have a responsibility to protect the natural environment at the Transandes Enduro

The Transandes Enduro takes place in unpolluted areas where the environment remains virtually unchanged by humans. All the works that are being carried out, as well as the competition itself, seek to minimize the intervention in the environment.

Huilo Huilo is a special place, and serious planning goes into caring for the environment in this huge protected area. A team of specialists conduct various conservation and species reintroduction programs, as many native animals are at risk of extinction.

The modifications made to the specials do not imply cutting any tree or plant. We only remove that tree naturally has fallen blocking the paths. The wood used for the construction of cambers, platforms, jumps and bridges is processed wood, no native wood is used. And all waste is immediately removed, not generating pollution

When the race is over, our “sweeper” cyclist collects all the course markings and the garbage that some competitors unfortunately leave behind. Another two people carefully comb through each course to ensure everything looks pristine.

When we dismantle the campsite, feed zones and start and finish lines, we collect every scrap of garbage to leave the area in perfect condition for the next time it is used.

It is disheartening to always have to collect hundreds of energy gel and product packages after the race. In sharing these concerns with Transandes Enduro riders, we hope to see this change. Competitors reported for or seen littering will be heavily penalized, and repeat offenders will be disqualified from the race.

If we want to continue hosting the Transandes Enduro in such beautiful locations, caring for the environment is critical. We hope we can count on your support in January!

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