The campsite, the Transandes Enduro meeting place

The campsite, the Transandes Enduro meeting place

The race campsite is the center of operations at the Transandes Enduro, where you can take advantage of all our services and spend time with the other riders.

You will spend five or six hours each day completing the three special stages and liaisons, but what happens the rest of the time? Quite simply, you will be busy enjoying the Transandes Enduro campsite.

The campsite is in a prime location, nestled in a peaceful spot near the Fuy River, Pirihueico Lake, the Huilo Huilo Reserve hotels and the Petermann Brewery, where we will see more than a few of you. You will have tons of additional activities to keep you busy.

The race obviously takes priority, since that’s why you signed up. Preparing your body and bike will take a while, and we have external services that will help you be at the top of your game. We will also have first-rate bathrooms and showers to keep you looking sharp, and of course, a dining tent where you can fill up on mouthwatering dishes to replace the thousands of calories you burned.
Each day ends with dinner, where we award the winners of the last stage, show the day’s best photos and videos and give the tech talk for the following stage, closing out another day of the best enduro in the best atmosphere.

We look forward to seeing you in January!

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