Race overview

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Project Description

The Three-day Enduro  Mountain Bike Race with the most spectacular special stages in Chilean Patagonia.  Introducing a unique race experience in the Patagonian Forest of Huilo-Huilo, Chile:  The Transandes Enduro,January 11-13 ,2019

Featuring  the best downhill sections from the past eight Transandes Challenge marathon stage race courses, the team that brings you the Transandes Challenge, one of the world´s top seven races, is back with its logistics and expertise.

Transandes Enduro will be held in a unique and magical place, where the Chilean Patagonia begins, with a deep nature, surrounded by volcanoes, mountains, rivers, lakes and ancient forests, and where you will find the greatest “grip” in Chile …. !!!!

Enduro! This challenging new three-day race, with the top-notch infrastructure and experience unique to the Transandes, has majestic trails and landscapes that will take your breath away. Check out our rules and regulations, categories, and services and join us at the Transandes Enduro for an unforgettable experience!

Enduro is a growing, modern, and dynamic type of race that combines the best of both  downhill and cross-country. This is not a “Downhill race”…!!!.   These races are seeing increasing numbers of participants with each passing year, to the point that well-known  bicycle manufacturers are focusing on developing specialized models for this new kind of  mountain biking.

These bikes, which are lightweight with longer suspension travel, powerful brakes and varying geometries, have carved out an important niche in the mountain bike market. It is
not unusual to see cyclists with not only a classic cross-country bike, but also an Enduro bike to get the most out of downhill sections.

With this in mind, and given our team’s appreciation for the race atmosphere and familiarity with the merits of the Huilo Huilo Reserve, we created the Transandes Enduro.

“PIEDRAS NEGRAS”, “EL SENDERO DEL ESQUIADOR”, “HOFFMANN”, “PUDU”, “TELEFERICO”, AND “WORLD CUP”, will be some of the special stages in  Transandes Enduro

We will use this new Huilo Huilo lift. Ride your bike, enjoy the view, ride the most spectacular specials with the best grip of the Chilean Patagonia

You may register for either the full or self support pack.

El “Full Support“includes:

  • Three-day registration
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day
  • Four nights’ tent accommodation
  • Restrooms and hot showers
  • Granola bars, fruit, sports drinks, water, and pop in feed zones
  • Race Book
  • Transandes t-shirt
  • Locked bike park access
  • Medical support
  • Mechanical assistance

With “Self Support Pack”   you get:

  • Three-day registration
  • Granola bars, fruit, sports drinks, water, and pop in feed zones
  • Race Book
  • Transandes t-shirt
  • Medical support

EarlyBird USD 615 (30 riders)
Regular  USD 700

Regular   USD 250

Transandes Enduro – January 11-13 , 2019 – Huilo Huilo Chile