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Project Description

Join us in our racing camp ! Everyday feel the transandes spirit, have fun , meet friends, enjoy and relax after-ride

Enjoy Transandes racing camp spirit everyday ! Competitors take an average of five or six hours to complete each stage. How do they spend the rest of their time? Why, they enjoy all the Transandes amenities! The campsite is in a natural, peaceful and grassy area near rivers, lakes and hotels. Riders will have lots of opportunities for fun and relaxation after each stage.

About our Campsite

Of course, preparing your body and bike for the next stage is a priority. Visit our external massage services to loosen up those muscles, swing by technical assistance to tune up your bike, and use our first-rate bathrooms and showers to keep yourself looking sharp. Then pop over to the dining tent to fill up on mouthwatering dishes and replace the thousands of calories you burned.

Each day ends with dinner, where we get the competitors together and award the winners of the last stage, show the day’s best photos and videos, and give the tech talk for the following stage.

However, one thing we can’t take credit for is the camaraderie. Whether resting in the shade of a tree, enjoying the sunshine, savoring a beer or going for a stroll, riders share their life stories, experiences and anecdotes from the day, forging friendships that will endure long after the race draws to a close.

The Transandes Challenge is more than a race — it’s an experience you will remember for the rest of your life. See you in January!

Signing up our full Transandes Enduro registration packs, you will receive 4 nights tent accommodation with inflatable mat at the Transandes Challenge Camp, meal service during racing days, plus  a variety of services and benefits that will make your experience unforgettable.

  • Accomodation
    4 nights’ tent accommodation incluiding inflatable mat
    (starting on January 17th until January 20st)
  • Meals
    Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the 3 days race.
  • Facilities
    Restrooms and hot showers
    Mechanical assistance
  • Locked bike park
    Locked bike park access for keeping your bike safe.
  • Feed zones
    Help yourself to the very best fruit, granola bars, chocolate, and mouthwatering salted potatoes and hydrate with sports drinks, pop, or refreshing water. Whether you arrive first or last, we make sure that everyone gets a good selection and can have their fill.
  • Race Book
  • Transandes Enduro T-Shirt.
  • Medical Support
    24 hrs.

Transandes Enduro – January 2018 – Huilo-Huilo , Chile