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Project Description

Rider Conditions

You must be an experienced rider and in excellent physical condition to participate in the Transandes Enduro. The minimum age to compete is 14, with the permission of a parent or guardian.


The race organizers, sponsors, volunteers, and staff are not responsible for any injury or damage that may occur during the event, nor for any cancellations, delays, or re-routing due to natural or environmental events.
All riders must have accident insurance that covers sporting events.
Participants must sign a registration waiver declaring that they accept full responsibility for any injury, loss, or theft.

Accident and travel insurance

Participants must be in good health and be experienced, highly trained mountain bikers. Riders are responsible for purchasing their own travel and accident insurance.
Proof of accident insurance must be shown upon signing the registration form.

Race Format

Individual starts for all Special Stages.
Two to three Special Stages per day.
A random start order will be assigned for the first Special Stage. For subsequent stages,
start order will be fastest last based on each rider’s cumulative time from previous stages.
The start order will be provided by the organization before each Special Stage begins.

Liaison Stages

Information on Liaison Stages and timetables will be provided the day before the corresponding Special Stage. They will also be detailed in the Race Book provided at check-in. The use of transportation to and from Special Stages is strictly prohibited, as competitors must complete the Liaison Stages with no external help. If you miss the start of a Special Stage, you will be included in another timetable and be given a time penalty for completing the Liaison Stage


  • JUNIOR 14–18
  • EXPERT 19–29
  • EXPERT 30–39
  • EXPERT 40–49
  • EXPERT 50–55
  • EXPERT 56+
  • JUNIOR WOMEN 14–18
  • EXPERT WOMEN 19–39

Four or more competitors must register for a category to be official. If this minimum is not
met, any registered competitors will be moved to the most suitable category.


General Classification will be calculated by adding each rider’s Special Stage times together. In the event of unforeseen or extreme circumstances, the organization may decide to withdraw one or more stages.

In the event of a General Classification tie, the rider who placed highest in the final stage will be declared the winner.

The organizers reserve the right to cancel the race, cancel stages, or change routes on short notice due to weather conditions, wildlife, safety concerns, construction, acts of nature or other extreme circumstances without reimbursement to participants. Upon registering, participants must be aware of the risks and dangers associated with this type of special event and freely and voluntarily agree to assume said risks and dangers, as well as the possibility of personal accidents, death, injury, loss, or race cancellation.


Due to the high volume of people checking in, we ask that participants arrive as early as possible.
Time and dates of the accreditations will be announced.

Mandatory equipment

The race number from your race kit must be displayed on the front of your handlebars at all times during the race. You may not change your race number or add sponsors.
Riders must wear a properly fastened full-face helmet during Special Stages. Any certified cycling helmet is acceptable during Liaison Stages.
Gloves and wrist guards are required for all Special Stages, but not for Liaison Stages.
Competitors must be self-sufficient during the race and bring the adequate equipment for competing in a mountainous environment. As such, it is strongly recommended that you have:


  • Elbow guards
  • Protective cup
  • Back protector and/or backpack with integrated back protection
  • Glasses or goggles
  • Map
  • First aid kit
  • Rider ID with emergency numbers
  • Cellphone
  • Food and drink
  • Suitable clothing
  • Repair tools


Competitors who register for a Full Pack will be given an individual tent for the duration of the race.

The campsite will open two nights before the start of the race, but catering will only begin at dinner on the day before the start. Participants are welcome to stay in the nearby hotels, but the organization is not responsible for transportation to and from the hotel.


The Full Pack includes three meals a day. The Transandes will also provide refreshments, granola bars, and a limited quantity of fruit at feed zones. Should you need additional food or drink, we recommend you purchase some in town or at the exit feed zones before each Transandes stage.

Bike storage

You may store your bike overnight in our bike park, which is secured and inaccessible from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. We recommend you have a lock for your bike. To pick up your bike, you must show your ID with your start number, which must match the number on your bicycle. Bicycles must be reclaimed by 8:30 a.m.

Caring for the environment

The Transandes takes place in a natural, unpolluted environment and in protected forests.
Keeping the area free from contamination is of the utmost importance. Leaving behind food wrappers, goggle tear-offs, or any artificial or natural item not native to the area is strictly prohibited. Participants must dispose of any trash in the containers at control areas or the campsite. Fires are not permitted.
Any rider found engaging in an activity damaging to the natural environment will be penalized or possibly even disqualified from the race. Other participants may report such behavior.


The Transandes Enduro aims first and foremost to create a race where goodwill,camaraderie, mutual respect, and healthy competition abound. Participants who do not follow these principles of good conduct will be penalized or even disqualified from the race, depending on the type of violation.

Riders may not take shortcuts. Any rider seen doing so, or who is reported and proven to have done so, will be disqualified without appeal. If a rider is unable to stay on the course, they must resume where they abandoned the course. They cannot rejoin the course elsewhere.

Riders must immediately yield to anyone attempting to pass by moving to one side of the trail. Interfering in any way or deliberately blocking their path will result in a one-minute penalty.

Riders arriving late to the start of a Special or Liaison Stage must follow the starting officials’ orders and join the course when instructed. Riders arriving less than five minutes late will receive a one-minute penalty, while arriving more than five minutes late will result in a five-minute penalty. Riders who arrive more than 30 minutes late will be disqualified.

Outside assistance is strictly prohibited. However, riders may assist each other.

The race marshal is the highest race authority and will determine penalties. Participants can report violations to the marshal via a written note with $15,000 CLP (USD $20) as collateral, which will be returned if the violation is found to have occurred.

The race marshal is the highest race authority and will determine penalties. Participants can report violations to the marshal via a written note with $15,000 CLP (USD $20) as collateral, which will be returned if the violation is found to have occurred.

Withdrawing from the competition

Riders that cannot continue the race must inform the organization by calling the number provided at the race meeting or by contacting one of the organizers during the race. Should you need to withdraw from the race, call our emergency number (found on your race ID or in your Race Book) or immediately contact one of the following people:

  • A Transandes Enduro marshal
  • A Transandes Enduro rescue team member
  • A Transandes Enduro feed zone staff memberThe Transandes cannot be held responsible if you inform another participant. Should you drop out during the race, you must visit a control area so we can bring you to the campsite or to the assistance center if necessary.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Registrations must be done through the online registration system answering the registration form or sending an e-mail with all the information requested in the registration form to:

A. Email to

B. Mail to:
Transandes Ltda
Av. Las Condes 7087-B.
Las Condes, Santiago Chile

If you cannot do your web pay, you can do it making a bank transference to the next account.:

Banco de Chile
Swift number : bchiclrm
Account name: Transandes Ltda.
Account Number: 138-03909-07 (pesos chilenos) 5138-03909-01 (USD)
Adress: Av. Las Condes 7087-B. Las Condes, Santiago, Chile

Registration and cancellations will not be accepted by telephone.

Will be only accepted competitors who have paid their registration no later than December 21th. 2018

Refunds will be given according to the following list:

A refund equivalent to the 80% of the paid amount if we received a written note before October 31th, 2018.
A refund equivalent to the 60% of the paid amount if we received a written note before November 30th, 2018
Will be not refund after November 31th, 2018. Instead, we can respect the amount paid for the 2020 Transandes Enduro registration.

Registration and cancellations will not be accepted by phone.
All the registration may be paid prior December 21th, 2018

Transandes Enduro – January 11-13 , 2019 – Huilo-Huilo , Chile