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Project Description


It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! We have finalized the special stages for the 2017 Transandes Enduro. We will have eight impressive time trial courses on offer in the heart of the Patagonian forest, with the best grip there is.

We have been hard at work for two weeks in the Huilo Huilo Reserve, going over every last meter of the existing trails and opening various new sections. We have finally settled on a combination of liaison and special stages that are guaranteed to make the 2017 Transandes Enduro an absolute blast!

  • 3 days of competition
  •  2 or 3 stages daily
  • On the first stage riders will be sorted by category in random order of departure.
  • From second stage, the start order will be sorted according to the times accumulated by each rider in the previous specials, the order will be made from the slowest to the fastest.
  • As well as the opening times of the stages, will be released during the day before.

Enjoy our campsite, we  will roud out each day with live music, burgers, beers, kinesiology services from Kinelab and more!  We will fill you in about the campsite.

The race will begin on January 18, 2017. The first liaison stage is a gondola ride, so no need to pedal your way up! A description of each liaison and special stage will follow to give you an idea of what we’re talking about.

You will have two days to preview the special stages for Day 1 and Day 2. However, Day 3 will be a surprise, so no sneak peeks!


A. Liaison Stage: Teleférico 1Get in the Gondola, get off the Gondola…

  • Special Stage: El Puma(#1). 2.5 km, 300 mts.of negative elevation

This stage is fast, technical and tricky. Located in a thousand-year-old forest, this breathtaking trail turns into an old forest road that becomes a ramp with jumps, berms and short pedaling sections.

B. Liaison Stage: El Corto : This stage is a mere 300 meters long.

  • Special Stage: El Guanaco (#2) : .1.1 kilometers, 220 meters of negative elevation.

    This stage is entirely trail through a native forest with leafy soil. Entirely tabletop jumps, fast berms, and super short pedaling sections that end in Whistler-style treed sections.

C. Liaison Stage: El Largo:  Over 6 kilometers, this stage climbs 440 meters. It will be a reminder that this is the Transandes ENDURO!

  • Special Stage: Torre 5( #3).  2,9 kilometers, 390 mts. negative elevation

This stage has treed sections through native forest with leafy soil. It includes jumps, berms, and a short but steep climb that will have you feeling that lactic acid burn!


Liaison Stage: Mirador: Get on the gondola, get off the gondola.

Pedal 3.5 kilometers and climb 250 meters. bike 3,5 kilometers, climb 250 meters.

  • Special Stage: Carpintero Negro (#4). 3.2 kilometers and 460 mts. of negative elevation

    This is a straight shot downhill! This stage is technical and steep. Watch out for ditches — if you get out of line, you will get stuck in the ruts and have to get back in line. This stage has an incredible view, as do all the stages, and the very best grip.

Liaison Stage: Trepador:  This stage is just 500 meters long, but has a 20% grade.

  • Special Stage: Jabalí(#5). 2.4 kilometers, 400 mts. of slope.

    This stage is entirely trail and much more technical, with tight curves, off-camber sections, berms and thrilling jumps.

Liaison Stage: Remeco. .3 kilometers and 360 meters of elevation change. The first kilometers are uphill, and then the stage levels off for the final kilometer.

  • Special Stage: El Acantilado (#6)  2.1 kilometers, 290 meters of negative elevation., 290 mts.

    This stage has lots of berms, wallrides, technical areas, blind sections and lots of trail with constant curves. Yet another incredible special stage!!


Liaison Stage: Esquiador  This stage takes around 1 hour and 40 minutes to complete.

  • Special Stage: Esquiador 1(#7):
    3 kilometers and 380 meters of negative elevation.

This incredible trail lies at the foot of the Mocho-Choshuenco volcano and is straight curves with berms, grades, and short and intense climbs. This stage requires some serious endurance.

Liaison Stage: Soñado.  This stage is a mere 150 meters.

  • Special Stage: Esquiador 2 (#8):
    3.3 kilometers, 390 meters of slope.

This stage is entirely trail and is the continuation of Esquiador 1. We will have a feed zone and a break in between the special stages. This is one of the most fun yet demanding stages!

Liaison Stage: Campamento.
This stage is 10 kilometers to the campsite area.

  • Special Stage: La Cervecería (#9).
    1.8 kilometers, 290 meters of negative elevation.

This short, fast stage is entirely trail with some technical sections in the middle. It will take you to the finish line and campsite, where cold beer awaits!

Hey riders… !!! Here is one of the surprises … !!!
…. If you are thinking of lots of climbing to enjoy the fantastic trails …… !!! Well, here is the surprise : An amazing GONDOLA will take you and your bike to the summit and then enjoy and enjoy and enjoy kms of the best trails of Patagonia … !!!.  Get ready for the amazing trails, we will also make you climb a couple of  stages for sure.

Ride in Patagonia Forest

Patagonia amazing grip

Transandes Enduro – January  2018 –  Huilo-Huilo , Chile