Huilo Huilo Reserve, the 2018 Transandes Enduro Emplacement

Huilo Huilo Reserve, the 2018 Transandes Enduro Emplacement

The Transandes Enduro takes place in a unique region, an unparalleled scenery with the best conditions for this kind of competition, the Huilo Huilo Reserve.

Transandes Enduro takes place in the south-central part of Chile, a country located in southern part of South America, more precisely on the Andean part of Los Rios regions, the northern limit of the Chilean Patagonia. In this area coexist large native forest and unexplored lands with cities and towns with high tourist development. It is easy to understand why tourism has developed strongly in the area, there are stunning and beautiful volcanoes, large clear water lakes and rivers of a majestic beauty provide to the region a special attraction. On this territory, through their paths, goes Transandes Enduro, the one and only Enduro MTB Race that takes places in place.
You will ride through ancient forest paths pierced by the passage of time and by the passage of logs towed by oxen. Paths that after some retouching, have become perfect paths for the Enduro!

Huilo Huilo Reserve: where will performed the three days of 2018 Transandes Enduro 2018, is a private initiative of nature conservation which reaches 250,000 acres of native forest that has been declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. It has a relatively unexplored ecosystem, which has been use by creating various hotels and eco-tourism related activities. A clear example of this are the Nothofagus Hotel, the Montaña Mágica Hotel and Reino Fungi Hotel, which with their spectacular designs resemble the landscape where they are inserted, hotels that have won various international awards for their designs and services

In this place there are several natural attractions like the Mosho-Choshuenco volcano, the Fuy River and its several waterfalls, Pirihueico’s Lake, and countless nooks and breathtaking scenery. Plus a series of man-made aspects such as the Spa, the Vocanoes Museum, and the highly valued by all of you, the Petermann Brewery, where more than one will be recovering the strength!

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