Safety at the Transandes Enduro

Safety at the Transandes Enduro

A critical part of the race is being able to count on the best medical support. While we hope nobody is involved in an accident, we are prepared if necessary.

Like any insurance, you want to have it but never use it. The Transandes Enduro counts on a top medical and rescue team that is prepared for any eventuality. Code 33 has been with us at the last six Transandes races, and this year is no exception. A fully equipped field hospital, 4×4 vehicles, motorcycles and an ambulance are at the ready to evacuate an injured rider and transport them to the nearest appropriate healthcare facility.

The Race Control team stays in constant contact with Code 33 so they can provide care at a moment’s notice. Following protocol, they will evacuate, assess, stabilize and transport the competitor to the nearest healthcare facility. Minor injuries requiring immobilization, stitches and disinfection can be addressed at the campsite field hospital if necessary. However, we don’t mean to frighten you! We just want you to enjoy the race knowing that you have the best medical team on standby.

The Transandes seeks to minimize risk by alerting you to dangerous areas during the tech talks and through signage. However, participants should also know their limits to avoid accidents. We would hate to see anyone miss out on finishing the race, so be sure to always leave a margin of error during descents. Races aren’t won in downhill sections, but can certainly be lost there!

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