The Valdivian Forest

The Valdivian Forest

The Transandes Challenge takes place in the evergreen forest ecoregion called the Valdivian forest.

The Valdivian forest is an ecoregion in southern Chile and parts of Argentina. Nearly half of the species there are endemic, and its dense forests and majestic trees will surprise you.

Among the most prominent types is the alerce, one of the longest-living trees on Earth, and the region’s symbolic Araucaria pine.

As for animals, you might spot small rodents, elusive pudus (the world’s smallest deer), wildcats, cougars, and non-native wild boars. But don’t worry! They’re few and far between and pose no danger because they avoid contact with humans. You won’t cross paths with any dangerous animals or insects.

The Huilo Huilo Reserve protects this ecosystem, which you can see in all its splendor. In open areas, you can admire the mountains and volcanoes blanketed in brilliant green. You will feel like you are pedaling through nature in its purest form.

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